Saturday, August 19, 2006

On Life

Life is Beautiful! My mom and younger sister is here. I am so happy. I miss them so much when I left for Singapore 2 years ago. Ready for a new adventure, I was excited to travel and live in a different country for the first time. As times passes, I can be very sad when you are far from your matter how much excited I was living independently I miss them. I miss my mom nagging me to go on a diet & lose weight. I miss my sister's very aristocratic face, I miss my dad's loud voice, I miss my younger brother's quiet smile, I miss my older brother's silent concern. I miss my bestfriends energy. I can say that family is the basic unit of the society. It is where we first learn our values and get our character. They are the people who will mold us to become a better person. They are the only people who will love you for who you are no matter what you have done in the past and what you will do in the future. They will support you in all your endeavors. Sometimes they are againts it and might not show that they support you but actually they are just there...quietly, patiently waiting to cheer for you when you succeed or lend their shoulder when you fail. I'm dreading the day that my mom and sister have to go back home. I will surely miss them. I don't say it often but I love them and I appreciate all the things that they do, enjoy the time that we spend with each other, the quiet moments we share. This 2 months is priceless! I can't wait for our whole family to be together again.